10 things my parents did that I could never imagine doing

10 things my parents did that I could never imagine doing
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By: Lahela RosarioNovember 1, 2017

Before the 2000s the world started developing at an extremely fast rate.  It was a time where technology was making incredible leaps and bounds. ‘O what a time it would have been to grow up then!   With all these changes, though, I would personally say that in today’s world, everything is more convenient and modernized, which is why I want to talk about 10 things that my parents used back in their days that I can’t POSSIBLY imagine using today willingly.

1.) Pay Phones

A phone without an address book must have been SO difficult!  Memorizing phone numbers should be a skill you could put on your resume!  I can see it already: “Proficient in memorizing phone numbers!” Also, was that the time the coin purse became popular? You know, because they paid with coins…

2.) Pagers

Pager? What’s that? In all honesty, the only thing I slightly remember about a pager is that I think there was like a certain number on your pager and if you needed to get ahold of the person, you would do something with those numbers.  To add to that, I only really remember that part because when I was younger, I remember eating a cookie while my mom told my grandma, “Okay here’s my pager number if you need me.” It was a really good cookie…

3.)  Pagers (Part Two)

Okay, I just googled what a pager was and based on my readings, I think I was on the right track as to what it was!  Also, if you didn’t know already, they STILL sell pagers! For you people still buying pagers out there, upgrade to the iPhone… It’s 2017!

4.) Going to the Library

In today’s world, you can get almost EVERY answer to a question you have on the internet, and you would go to the library IF you needed more information, or in my case, if it was required to have a book as one of your resources.  But going to the library? Not happening. No reason too.

5.) Talking to people face-to-face

I can confidently say that technology contributes to my lack of social skills. Even when trying to get this internship, I remember the day of my interview; I was EXTREMELY nervous!  The whole meeting new people, especially people I didn’t know was hard for me.

6.) College applications

As I’m currently applying to many colleges, I can’t help but think about how it was back then when technology wasn’t as convenient as it is now.  My parents needed to hand write ALL their applications. And did they have something similar to today’s Common App where you can fill out one application and send it to multiple schools?

7.) No Spell Check

As I write this article, I am constantly reminded by red squiggly lines about my mistakes, but what did my parent’s do?  Did they cross-check every “Shaky” word with the dictionary? Because if they did, wow!

8.) Citing sources manually

Back then, there was no such thing as Easy Bib, or Citation Machine, etc.  My parents needed to cite their sources manually! I can never imagine myself doing that!  I would hate research projects, and I would probably never put my 100% effort. I’d just do the minimum requirements!

9.)  Desktops

In today’s time, we have the luxury of being able to own our very own laptops.  As most of us may know, laptops are simply more convenient, lighter, and just simply better than desktop computers.  I don’t understand how my parents had those big, bulky computers sitting on a desk all the time.

10.)  Walkmans

Walkman’s are portable stereotypes of music players that included many CDs.  I don’t understand how my parents used to Walkman’s. They seem cool and all, but they seem very inconvenient.  What do you do when you get sick of the songs on your CD? Just make a new CD? Do you stop listening to music? What do you do?  So MANY questions!

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