Here to Visit The Big Island of Hawai’i? Here’s Some of Our Recent Content that You Won’t Want to Miss!

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions but now that vaccines are happening more and more travelers are returning to Hawai’i! Enjoy these Big Island Hawai’i things to do! Whether it’s your first time to the Big Island or your 20th, we want to make sure that your trip is fun, safe, and helps to support our local businesses that have struggled so much throughout this year. Check out some of our most recent articles and features that can help you enjoy your vacation, and be sure to follow and tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

Be sure to check the weather before you head out the door! 

Big Island weather

Shop Local: Big Island Stores

woman wearing Hawaii face masks for Jams World

Find some of the Big Island’s best local businesses in our Kama’aina Business Directory.

Face masks are the hottest accessory of 2020. Be sure to snag a Hawaii-made one while you’re here!

Find more great Big Island makers, crafters, and producers at our partner site, Big Island Made

Eat Local: Big Island Food

loco moco Hawaiian comfort foods

Prep for your road trips to take in the gorgeous Big Island views with these Favorite Hawaiian Snacks.

Eat like a local, try poi, musubi, and some of the other great Hawaiian Delicacies You Must Try.

Looking for a filling meal, made with love? Don’t miss these Comfort Foods, Hawaiian Style.

Kona isn’t the only wonderful BI place that produces coffee — learn more about Big Island’s Famous Coffee Beans.

Eat Local: Big Island Restaurants

fresh fish dish from the Izakaya menu at Miyo's
Bibimbap from Kona Korean BBQ

Grab some outstanding BBQ while you’re in Waimea at The Fish and the Hog.

Indulge in fresh fish izakaya at Miyos’s Restaurant in Hilo.

Grab some scrumptious Lebanese food at Hilo’s Tabaraka food truck.

Rice comes in many forms and dishes on the Big Island. Here are some of our favorites.

Have an Adventure: Big Island Sightseeing

Get inspired by our Instagram account. Most of our gorgeous photos are provided courtesy of Prolific Hawaii, as he journeys across the Big Island with his camera. We always love to see and share your photos — don’t forget to tag us!

Waipio Valley, the Valley of the Kings, is a very special place on the Island. We highly recommend finding a tour guide if you want to descend into the valley. The Lookout Point also makes for a great photos op if you don’t want to go all the way down.

Another great shot from Prolific Hawaii! Don’t miss your chance to snap your own stunning waterfall photo when you visit Akaka Falls Trail along the beautiful Hamakua Coast of East Hawaii.

Kiholo State Park

One of the Island’s most popular natural sites closed for a period of time after the 2018 Kilauea eruption. Nahuku (Thurston Lava Tube) reopened in early 2020 for visitors.

It’s not every day that you get to dig your toes into green sand at a beach. Papakolea, Green Sand Beach, is definitely a big attraction, just be extra careful to respect the land and the locals when you visit.

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Get to Know Big Island History

Kazamura Cave, one of Big Island's spookiest places

With Halloween approaching, we thought you may want to check out some of Big Island’s Spookiest Places. Just be sure to observe warning signs, stay on trails, and not touch things you shouldn’t, or else the Night Marchers may come for you.

Railroads and locomotives are an important part of Hawaii’s history – railroads made it to Hawaii before they got to the many parts in the western parts of the U.S. There is plenty of evidence of this part of the Island’s history along many of the highways.

To some visitors, the small town of Hilo may seem like it’s stuck in the past due to its quaint charm. But downtown Hilo has gone through plenty of changes over the years. Here’s how Hilo looked in the past, compared to today.

A variety of sharks call the waters around Hawaii home, and though you probably don’t want to see one during your swims, it’s good to know a lot about the wildlife here, especially the importance of sharks in Hawaiian culture.

Of course sharks aren’t the only amazing creatures that call Hawaii home – these are some of the other incredible flora and fauna that you might see during your trip, including the state fish of Hawaii.

Get to know Hawaiian culture and history through its stories, like this classic about a mo’o (lizard) that tries to kill Hina, mother of demi-god Maui. Find more great stories and legends on the shelves of Basically Book in Hilo. 

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