Allstate Welcomes New Financial Specialist

Hi!  My name is Roberto Valencia, I am the financial specialist for Allstate Insurance here on the Big Island.  Allstate + Big Island must mean Kris Speegle.  That’s right, I work with Kris in both of his offices in Hilo and Kona.  2019 will be my 19th year in the insurance and financial services industry, […]

5 Easy Ways to Save More

October 12th was National Savings Day! We know saving money isn’t always easy, especially living in Hawai‘i where the cost of living is high, but we want to share some easy ways to set aside some extra funds to add to that piggy bank. I’m sure none of us would mind if we had some […]

Identity Theft: Prevention Tips

Victims of identity theft typically suffer from substantial financial and emotional consequences. Unfortunately, there is no one reason for why thieves target the victims they do, sometimes it’s simply because the information was made available to them. In an effort to help you spot the dangers, to reduce the risk and respond to identify theft, […]

Fraud Scams to Avoid

Fraudsters are constantly evolving their scams and finding new and inventive ways to trick people into giving over their hard-earned money or information. We wanted to give you a heads up on some of the more prevalent scams in recent news so you know what to look out for – some of these can be […]

What is a Share Certificate?

Also known as a Certificate of Deposit (CD), a Share Certificate is focused on your savings goals. Definition A Share Certificate offers you a way to earn higher dividends by locking your funds in for a set term. How does it work? A share certificate allows your money to work for you while you earn […]