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Root2Rise Counseling

Welcome and thanks for finding us. We are here to help. Root 2 Rise is a Counseling Center. This group is born from the desire to provide better care, more effectively, to the children and families of our community and the women who lead them ~Kim Pierce


About Root 2 Rise Counseling Center:

The Root 2 Rise Counseling Center is focused on individual and family therapy.  We are a team of Therapists, Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors, with over 100 years of collective counseling experience. We have male and female therapists of different ages and different life experiences so we can find a good fit for you. Our staff specialize in working with adults, couples, teens and families. Our online counseling sessions are simple to access, we accept HMSA and HMSA Quest insurance
The first and best step is to contact us at:

We can support the process of uncovering what keeps you stuck, unhappy or unhealthy and provide tools to improve overall functioning within the individual and/or family system and we can do this in person on a case by case basis or virtually from your cellphone or computer! Access to help is quick and easier than ever before.

If you are interested in making an appointment with a mental health professional, click here.

At this time it would make perfect sense that feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or substance use seem to be overwhelming.  We are in an overwhelming time, unlike anything we have experienced before.  Now may be the right time to seek out counseling services to help you navigate and support yourself.

Call us if you are ready.  We are here to help.
Watch our short video message above and give us a call or check our website when you are ready. You are worth it and so is your family.

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Kanoa Wilson House Representative District 3
Kanoa Wilson House Representative District 3

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