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“The Change Center is COMPLETELY FREE.”

What is this, Change Center? Same question that I had when I was assigned to write this article. When I sat down with Change Makers Christian McAdams and Mosese Ohia, I learned that The Change Center is a gathering place that provides “equitable access to resources” for the community for free. Emphasis on “FOR FREE.” 

Along with the main mission of this new organization, I learned a little about the history of where The Change Center is located and the fascinating details of how it came to be and what the long term vision holds.

Maintaining Purpose Through History

The Change Center is in the heart of downtown Hilo at 120 Keawe Street Suite 202 and is housed within the 1922 Pacific Building. Historically, the building has held a variety of leases such as a bakery, a hotel, space for political rallies, a Veteran’s Hospital and if you would believe it- Hilo’s only Chinese restaurant. The Change Center fits perfectly into what the true meaning of the space has embodied, collectiveness.

Firsthand Experience

The whole mission of this organization piqued my interest and I just had to do an in-person interview- I had to check this out for myself! As I walked up the steps and into the space, I immediately felt a sense of comfort and ease. The energy they have created is relaxed and open – warm and welcoming. There were ample places to sit, a coffeemaker, printers and the lighting was perfect. It is an office environment without the closed office environment vibe if you know what I mean. If you do not know what I mean, then there’s your reason to go check it out ASAP and IT IS FREE!

It is really a comfortable and spacious place. With multiple rooms all set up with your work needs in mind. You can hold a meeting of any size, easily give a presentation, work solo and undisturbed or work collectively inspired and connected to other professionals that are eager to share creative energy. 

The people who work there are just as chill as the space, too- not hovering or wanting to be all up in your business. Total plus!!

Something Meaningful for the People

“The Change Center came up because we want this to be the center of change, right? A place for all the things going on in the community and that we are partnering and collaborating with other organizations, all of that can happen right here, in this place. The most amazing part, this is the center of change- it starts with The Change Center, which is the idea.” Says McAdams.

The Change Center is open to anyone in the community interested in holding meetings, who works remotely and would like or needs a quiet space to work and it is completely free. “We wanted to open the workspace to work alongside other organizations in the community to provide a space where people and organizations can grow. The mission is aligned with supporting the community,” says Ohia.

It's Free, Free, Free. Check Em Out!!

Check out their website or contact The Change Center directly for any inquiries or
questions that you may have. Contact information is listed below- be sure to take advantage of this amazing place and refer your friends!


The Change Center
120 Keawe Street Suite 202
Hilo, Hawai’i 96720
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8A-5P
Phone: 808-300-6630


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