Sweet Bean Vanillary Celebrates Grand Opening in Downtown Hilo

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Hilo, Hawai’i – Sweet Bean Vanillary is excited to announce the grand opening of its store located at 166 Kilauea Ave in downtown Hilo. The grand opening event will take place on April 19th, from 4pm to 7:00pm, and will be an invitation to all in the community featuring music, food, and libations.

Sweet Bean Vanillary is a one-stop shop for all vanilla needs, featuring Hawaiian Vanilla and products made by local farmers and producers. When you think of vanilla, you would never suspect that it thrives throughout our island chain. The store aims to highlight products and their producers throughout the state, connecting customers to the farmers.

The grand opening event will be a celebration of Hawai’i’s rich agricultural heritage, with a focus on supporting local businesses and products. Guests will have the opportunity to sample a variety of vanilla products and learn about the importance of supporting local agriculture.

“We believe in the importance of supporting local farmers and manufacturers and this will be a way to promote Hawaiian Vanilla as we start to build the supply chain through farm development and create another huge export for Hawai’i,” said Mosese Ohia. “By supporting local, we are not only investing in our community but also promoting sustainability and economic growth for our present and future generations.”

Sweet Bean Vanillary encourages everyone to come and show their support for local farmers and manufacturers at the grand opening event. Come taste the difference of Hawaiian Vanilla. For more information, please visit or follow us on Instagram @sweetbeanvanillary.

Sweet Bean Vanillary
Phone: 808.987.2928
Social Media: Instagram @sweetbeanvanillary

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