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Miyo’s Restaurant Adds New Izakaya Experience to the Menu

Most people on the East side know about the great food at Miyo’s Restaurant, which is now located in the Manono Marketplace. What you may not know is that Miyo’s just started a new type of dining experience — something that there isn’t a great deal of on the East side. Miyo’s just began offering an Izakaya menu with both a la carte and Omakase options of 3- or 5-courses. I just noticed this brand-new offering while perusing Instagram. I texted a fellow foodie friend and off we went!
Miyo’s describes the new addition on their website: An exciting addition to Miyo’s Restaurant, Izakaya Miyo offers an intimate Chef prepared dinner for a small group of 6 guests per seating. Created by Miyo’s Executive Chef and Owner, Louis Pauole; Izakaya Miyo is Hilo’s first Izakaya dining experience. Enjoy an exquisite selection of Omakase courses, Izakaya, Yakitori, side orders and desserts. We also offer a unique selection of Sakes, wine and beer to complement your meal.
When we arrived and looked around at Miyo’s, any concerns about safety and social distancing were diminished. This menu is offered in the smaller space on the right when you walk in – a space that has been arranged to offer six seats at a “chef’s counter” style seating. There are plexiglass partitions between each set of two diners, and there is also plexiglass between diners and the chefs. The whole cooking area is open so you can watch the entire process from cooking to plating. Chef/Owner Louis Pauole is an engaging and dynamic presence behind the glass (and the mask). He takes great care and pride in the dishes he presents and explains each course thoroughly, following up to get reactions and feedback. His technique shows both French and Japanese influences, with a definite local accent. We enjoyed well-developed and well-executed courses that were efficiently paced without feeling rushed. The menu says the options are either 3 or 5-courses for Omakase, but we had more than 10, and dessert!
While each course was fantastic, my favorites were: watercress soup with a lovely poached egg, seasoned with a Hawaiian chili peppah mixture; creamy ahi poke on crispy rice, topped with small Ikura and garnished with micro shiso (I loved the color of the Ikura so much, I took one picture just focused on that); the Chef’s arguably most recognized dish of eggs on toast- which is a sous vide egg yolk on crispy herbed Japanese bread, topped with caviar (egg yolk soft enough for me to be able to squish it to the edges of the bread so I could get a bit of every flavor in each bite); the sashimi course, with fresh (like, caught that morning) fish from Suisan and tender tako with smoked shoyu and micro greens from Olakino Hawaii (where I’m hoping to talk Trey into growing English shelling peas for me); and the meat course-one of the most beautiful in its presentation. I don’t even eat beef, but I gave this a try, and it was fantastic. On the plate were pieces of a very well executed ribeye with a crispy potato and a jus with a hint of chocolate, tiny onion cups with cauliflower and broccoli puree, blistered cherry tomatoes, and shaved black truffles.
Chef Louis and his Sous Chef were amazed that we ate every course (with a tiny to go container). We assured them that we are not amateurs, even as we staggered out of there, content and full.
Miyo’s Izakaya menu is offered Tuesday-Friday evenings at either 5 p.m. or 7 p.m. and limited to 6 guests. You must make a reservation.

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