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Fishermen of Hawaii | Sponsored by Suisan Fish Market

Mahalo to the Fishermen of the Big Island!

Big Island Pulse is proud to present Fishermen of Hawaii, sponsored by Suisan Fish Market. Today we are joined by the Ah Chong ʻohana—Noah and his dad John, who have been fishing Big Island waters for over three decades and help supply of some of Suisan’s delicious freshly caught mahi mahi, marlin, ahi, and more!

Suisan is proud to be part of the Hawaiian fishing community for over 113 years! Suisan Fish Market provides wholesale and retail customers with the freshest seafood available. In addition to pelagic species, Suisan offers the largest variety of reef fish, a highly prized commodity. Suisan Fish Market is fully compliant with federal and local regulations regarding the fishing and handling of seafood products.

They are best known for their assortment of poke and sides. While the selection does vary each day depending on our inventory of fresh fish, you can expect to see classic flavors like “Hawaiian Style”, “Spicy Ahi”, and “Shoyu Ahi” (Soy Sauce). If you are lucky enough to visit with availability of certain fish, you can find some of Suisan’s signature pokes such as their “Mix Plate”, “Cali Roll,” or their “Kimchee Tako” (octopus).

Mahalo nunui to Suisan, Noah and John Ah Chong for participating in the interview, and to Drew Daniels for providing the music track!

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