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Food Review: Mini Korean Combo @ Bite The Eye Food Truck

Go try it, for real.


This has to be one of the most anticipated reviews I’ve done so far.  It seems like every day I would see a post on Bite The Eye food truck, and every time I saw the same thing, Korean Ahi!  Now, trust me, I love Korean. Korean Chicken, Korean BBQ, Korean anything, but I have honestly never had Korean Ahi, so it was only out of respect to my “Korean portfolio” to try this, lol!


Korean Mini Combo with Spicy Ahi poke, mac salad, sushi rice (instead of regular rice), and sweet potato – TOTAL COST: $12.50


All the pictures I saw were for the full combo which runs $13.50, it comes with the rice, mac salad, and sweet potato, but not the poke.  You can add a scoop of poke, ahi patty, or blackened ahi if you want for $3.00 which really is a great deal because the scoop is a decent size.  For this review though, I decided on the mini combo which came with the poke.


OMG, the Korean Ahi is RIDICULOUS!  Panko fried, great Korean sauce, and sitting on the bed of sushi rice, now I was a little nervous getting the sushi rice instead of the regular.  It honestly was an inner battle.  I mean think about it, do you get the sushi rice because you want to match it with the poke, or the regular rice to go with the Korean.  I am telling you now, get the sushi rice.  That little bit of vinegar actually goes well with the Korean ahi and of course is the perfect match with the poke.

The Poke was as advertised, fresh, great spicy mayo, that had just enough heat to enjoy but not too much to clear the sinuses!  I heard that the owner is either a fisherman himself or has some contacts that are, so he gets his ahi fresh daily.  Dang, it is good!  The mac salad was ok, honestly, it felt like an afterthought, but was a good interrupter between the Korean and poke.  I do wish though that we got more than the small (1) piece sweet potato that was cut in half.

I love sweet potato, but that is just me being picky.  It was a great lunch, and I was completely full with the mini-combo.


I may actually go back tomorrow! That’s right, and get the same exact thing! It’s that good.  Look, you may have to stand in line for a few minutes, you may have to fight the Mall-Walmart traffic getting out, but believe me, IT IS WORTH IT!  I highly suggest you put down your phone, close your laptop or computer, and tell your boss you are taking your lunch RIGHT NOW!  Unless, of course, it is a Sunday-Wednesday (See their hours below).


I did notice that if you didn’t want the deep fried fish, you could just do the poke  (1) choice for $11.50 or (2) choice for $14.50, or if you are feeling frisky, you can get the Poke Sampler for $11.50. A limited menu, but you don’t need a lot of choices when what you do have is this good!


It is 5 out of 5. The only complaint I had is that they didn’t have more sweet potato, but I know that is just me reaching to find something wrong. Go try it, for real.


It changes, but from they were telling me, they are in the Sears parking lot from Thursday-Saturday from at 10:30am for bentos, and then starting at 11am for the regular menu.  You can check out their IG page RIGHT HERE.

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