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The Sweetest Sweet Shack in Hilo

Hands down, the best sweets in Hilo. No joke.

Pretty sure it has been established by now that I like food (see, e.g., almost every single one of my posts on Big Island Pulse. Also, see, for example, momona me). However, I am not really a sweets kind of girl. I definitely lean towards the salty/crunchy (which is also how close friends might describe me). But there is one place I know I can go to every time I have the tiniest inkling for something sweet and I will not be steered wrong: 808 Sweet Shack (315 E Kawili Street, Suite 204, Hilo). 

The Incredible Baker

808 Sweet Shack is brought to you by the baking genius of owner Amy Gallegos. A long-time food industry professional, Amy originally opened 808 Sweet Shack in Hilo in 2019. She has since relocated and is now conveniently found on E. Kawili Street across from the Hawaii Community College campus (directly above Tea Time Hawaii). The new location is larger and brighter, with tables at which to sit and enjoy your tantalizing confections. Soon, you will also be able to enjoy freshly brewed Hawaiian coffee with your sweet treat.

Where To Find Sweets

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You can also find Amy most Friday nights at Hilo’s favorite neighborhood party, the Friday Night Market, across from Mo’s Fish & Chips. Most likely you will find 6-7 different delicious sweets to choose from at the market- from super moist and flavorful cupcakes to those espresso bars that I cannot get enough of, to amazing cakes and pies. Amy’s baking prowess is incomparable. For example, that guava chiffon cake seen, below.

To get this kind of praise from an avowedly salty/crunchy girl should tell you something. Go see Amy at 808 Sweet Shack. You will not be disappointed. Plus, by walking up the stairs to her shop you have totally calorically earned everything you buy. At least that is what I tell myself. You will find her in her shop every Tuesday-Thursday 10-4, and Friday 10-2 (then at the Night Market from 5:30-close). You can also give her a call to place special orders. And they will be special. 808-657-3713.

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