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Yesterday I found this wonderful little plant at the local farmers market. What a magical and powerful flower I found! As I checked into growing tips online I found that it is not only going to be a beautiful flower growing in my garden, it has multiple health uses as well.  It makes a beautiful skin care oil or cream, makes a nice cup of tea, can be eaten in salads and even used for medical reasons. You can find calendula in hundreds of natural health products ranging from toothpaste to lotion to shampoo. Gentle enough for a baby’s skin but powerful enough to help health issues from minor scrapes and insect bites, to eczema to even cancer!

So what makes calendula so special? Calendula is a super antioxidant and is amongst the strongest anti-viral herbs. It has been shown to work for diaper rash and reduce effects of skin irritation due to radiation treatments for breast cancer.   Research, although very limited, show promising results for leg ulcers and burns.


Make your own calendula oil….it is shockingly easy!  Using just a mason jar, calendula flowers, some oil and time…you can have natural healing at your fingertips.  Follow this link for the specifics on how to make your own.

Making calendula tea to drink or even as a gargle to soothe sore throats has the added antimicrobial benefit to combat flu and cold viruses. Drinking this tea can also help in the treatment urinary tract infections.  This floral tea has estrogenic effect to help alleviate menstruation symptoms of cramps and mood swings. It can also help with stomach ulcers.  The antioxidant effects of calendula could be a great addition to a detox routine. Tossing a few petals just plain adds pretty contrast to salads.

As with all plants and foods there is a possibility of an allergy to calendula, especially if you already have an allergy to plants in the marigold family or if very sensitive to rag weed. It should also be noted, that Calendula is not for pregnant women due to the effect on the hormones which could cause miscarriage, and is not recommended for those breastfeeding.

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I believe your body is wondrously made with infinite intelligence with a unique expression of the spirit/soul within. I only wish to empower people with science based solutions to improve their health. Supporting people in their healing journey with holistic and non-toxic approaches to healing. Holistic approaches to disease prevention and wellness.  – Dr. Shauna Lover DC


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