Could I Benefit From Working With a Counselor?

By Root 2 Rise Counseling Center

We know this is a hard question, so we asked a bunch of counselors, and we want to share their responses with you so that you can determine if this is the next right move for you.

You notice that you are sleeping too much, or not getting enough sleep.

Sleep is so vital to the way we handle the stresses and upsets of daily life. When sleep changes, it can have a very direct effect on our emotional state. It can cause us to become irritable, or unfocused- which can affect our mood and our relationships.


Your friends and family seem overwhelmed or distant.

Our friends and family can be our biggest supporters, always ready to listen to our rants and our struggles. However, if you are going through a particularly tough time, you may notice your support team pull back. This may be because they are struggling as well, or perhaps they don’t know how to offer support in your particular situation. 


Small things are bothering you more than usual.

You may notice an overall feeling of being overwhelmed. There may be more conflicts or fights in relationships than usual. You may notice more negative thoughts than before, or feel teary-eyed at situations that wouldn’t typically upset you. Your mind may feel foggy, or it seems harder to concentrate on tasks. Another thing you may notice is an increase in use of substances like cigarettes or alcohol.


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