Keiki Krafts – Easter Slime Kit For Under $20

Keiki Krafts – Easter Slime Kit For Under $20
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Ok, my keiki love to make slime, like every week!  Knowing this, we figured what better idea for Easter than getting them a pre-made “Slime Kit”.  Now if you are like me, I really didn't want to spend a ton of money on Easter since the focus is not about what they get, rather the message, and reason for the day.

With that in mind, I gave myself a $20 budget to get everything for this slime kit, my total came to $19.16 before tax…..Yay me!  **NOTE: You may have a lot of these ingredients at home, but I think it is more fun to get everything at once for them (But don't tell my cheap spouse!)

Here is a list of the items we got and their prices:


Ok, so I cheated a little bit, the grass was left-over from many Easter's past!  I figured everybody has some leftover Easter grass, and if not, I believe it is around $1 or so.

And there you go, Easter slime kit for under $20, remember we cannot be responsible for any mess this may cause, but we will take full responsibility for the laughter, joy, and creativity for your keiki this Easter! Just kidding…. Below is all of the items and packaged in the egg.  Yes, I get it, you can be way more creative and maybe print a picture to call it slime kit or something, but I was lazy when I did this.

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