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12 Days of Christmas Ultimate Gift Guide: Day 7 — Big Island Art from Local Artists

Getting a truly unique and spectacular piece of art for Christmas is always a treat, especially because art is an ever-evolving way to express creativity and can be shared all around the world. What’s a more thoughtful way to treat the art-lover on your Christmas list than to give them a breathtaking painting or print that captures the essence of Hawai’i? This is a list of some inspiring and talented artists from all corners of the Big Island, many of whom are available for orders directly online. There’s nothing more rewarding than supporting your local artists by purchasing an extraordinary piece of Big Island art than can be cherished and passed on for years.


Angela Yarber

Based in the town of Keeau, Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber creates stunning pieces of art through iconography of powerful and influential women throughout history, in addition to taking commissions and even depicting archetypal manifestations of empowered women. Read more about Yarber’s work here.

Tehom Goddess by Angela Yarber
"Tehom Goddess" by Angela Yarber
Danielle Burnside Art
Copper-embellished Manta Rays by Danielle Burnside Art



Danielle Burnside Art

Burnside’s gold and copper leaf-embellished work dazzles in the sunlight as she depicts various ocean creatures that dwell just right off the coast of our island. Catch her at your local farmer’s market on the west side of the Big Island with her incredible watercolor creations.




Harry Durgin of Island Photo

Owner of Pahoa’s Island Photo, professional photographer Harry Durgin graces the island with his amazingly vibrants images of plants, animals, and landscapes all across the Big Island.

Gold Dust Day Gecko on ti leaf by Harry Durgin
Gold Dust Day Gecko on ti leaf by Harry Durgin
Valley Of The Kings by Wade Morales
"Valley Of The Kings" by Wade Morales



 Wade Morales Photography

Featuring images from practically every corner of the Big Island, there’s certainly a print in his portfolio for the Big Island art aficionado in your life. Using TruLife™ Anti-Reflective Acrylic to mount these breathtaking prints, Morales provides a next-level approach to wall art photography to ensure it stays in pristine condition for years to come. 


Patrice Federspiel & Art of Aloha

Using the medium of watercolor, artist Patrice Federspiel tells the story of aloha with depictions of Hawai’i’s creatures, local fruit, mermaids, abstracts, and more. In addition to purchasing artwork from her website, Federspiel also teaches art classes online via Zoom and sends out helpful watercolor tips in her weekly newsletter.

"A Taste of Sunshine" by Patrice Federspiel
"A Taste of Sunshine" by Patrice Federspiel
Queen Liliuokalani
Queen Liliuokalani by Nelson Makua
Manta Ray design by Kainoa Makua
Manta Ray design by Kainoa Makua

Na Makua Original Hawaiian Designs

This father and son duo teamed up to create a line of casual Hawaiian wear using their unique designs to create one-of-a-kind shirts and other art, in addition to taking commissions for logo design creations for various local companies throughout Hawai’i.



Moses Kealamakia

With oil-based paint as his primary medium, Moses Kealamakia creates incredible canvas paintings of iconic sceneries in and around Hilo.

"Going Fishing" by Moses Kealamakia Jr.
"Going Fishing" by Moses Kealamakia Jr.

Tai Lake Fine Woodworking

If the loved one in your life is looking for a hand-crafted, high-quality piece of furniture using wood from native koa and mango trees, look no further than Tai Lake Fine Woodworking. These functional pieces of art are sure to last for years to come.


Wishard Gallery

Born and raised on the Big Island, Harry Wishard has taken his love for the Hawaiian Islands to new heights with his larger than life paintings of iconic locations that showcase the beauty of each individual island and its remarkable landscapes.

"Deep Forest Sunlight" by Harry Wishard
"Deep Forest Sunlight" by Harry Wishard
"Sunshine" by Christian Enns
"Sunshine" by Christian Enns



Enns Fine Art Hawai’i 

Located in Puako, Christian Enns delves into the world of landscaping through the use of oil on canvas to create phenomenal life-like paintings of Big Island landscapes that would be the centerpiece of any household.

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