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Life Solutions, Planning with Maureen Poirier

Planning and investing in yourself, your family and future seems to be something we all put off for another day. I learned the hard way that planning is something we should all make time for. I was blessed to meet Maureen and start taking with her about how I can protect myself for unexpected life happenings. The process was so easy and I am so grateful to have met her. I know now that my family, my business and my future are completely protected, no matter what. I encourage you to make time to call her today. 
As an educator for 25+ years, Maureen brings a unique perspective on future and life planning. She gleaned much experience when opening two schools, one as a new principal where she had the opportunity to hire 60+ staff members, and serve over 650 children and their families.  “I love the education of adults to create a retirement that brings peace of mind and comfort.” 

Having overcome many setbacks in life and in business by working with mentors and coaches, she figured out the formula to thrive in business and in life, in spite of the odds.

Maureen works closely with multi 6-figure and 7-figure income earners in her organization and they offer additional mentoring and coaching 24/7.  She has used their knowledge on her path to realizing her own dreams, and continues to create new ones.

Maureen currently has 400+ agents in her brokerage in less than 3 years, and has had the opportunity of impacting the future of 100’s of families. Give her a call for a free talk story session today and see how she can help you plan for your future, no matter what happens!

⭐️ Are you interested in helping others fulfill their financial dreams?
⭐️ Do you have a solid retirement plan where you will be comfortable retiring?
⭐️ Are your assets protected from market fluctuation, and in case of unexpected health issues?

✅ Welcome to an opportunity to make a difference in the world and own a fulfilling business, while creating the healthy retirement that you deserve!

▶️ WHO Maureen SERVES

✔️ Entrepreneurs
✔️ Trust Attorneys
✔️ Accountants
✔️ 101 Financial Advisors
✔️ Realtors
✔️ Loan Officers
✔️ Business oriented people wanting more + Business Owners
✔️ Families
✔️ Educators


✔️ See where you are at and create a road map using our proven system whether it be working directly or a referral basis

✔️ Access to mentors weekly within our organization that help you win the inner game (mindset) which accounts to 80% of people’s success and give you the outer game which is the 20% which are the tactics and strategies

✔️ Create a solution to protect your assets and currently lifestyle should health issues occur

✔️ Create a personalize tax-free retirement strategy


Mahalo and stay safe!

Warmest Regards,
Maureen Poirier
Income Replacement Advocate, Tax Free Retirement, Living Benefits 
Providing Life Solutions 
National Life Group
Keeping Promises For 171 Years
“It’s not how much money you make, 
but how much money you keep, 
how hard it works for you, 
and how many generations you keep it for.”
Robert Kiyosaki
Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Kanoa Wilson House Representative District 3

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