Parallel: Shingo Honda Art Exhibition

Shingo Honda’s Parallel Exhibition

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“I liked that transient, ever-changing world and it has always been what I’ve wanted to express. The word “permanent” is unrealistic. There’s no such thing. I want to melt an irrational concept.”-Shingo Honda (1944-2019)

About Shingo

Shingo Honda, a Northern Japan born artist, produced art for 40 years.  According to his website, his curiosity of thin ice as a child, prepared him for a lifelong passion of true abstract art. Through the Mono-Ha Art Group Association that Honda was a part of, he was able to explore art through natural and industrial materials.  The association enabled 20th century Japanese and Korean artists to utilize various media and see how they work interdependently to form meaningful pieces of art. Honda’s series was shown at Tokyo Municipal and National Museums between 1969 – 1972 and were considered by critics and curators to be amongst Japan’s influential art movement or Mono-Ha.

Shingo Honda

Japan to Los Angeles to Hawai'i

In the late 1980’s, Honda relocated to Los Angeles from Tokyo, where he was able to explore more of his theme, “Impermanence”. He was influenced from being in a new country and the freedom of expression that it was (and still is) known for. It was in Los Angeles that he began to take candid photos of people, with their consent, for even more inspiration. When Honda came to Hawai’i in 2005, he put his inspiration to work, forming the now curated series by Andrejz Kamarz, “Parallel: Shingo Honda”. 

Los Angeles Shingo Honda

According to the East Hawai’i Cultural Center webpage,, Honda said, “I’ve put them in spaces where they’ve never been and where they’ve never been together. Each person lives in their own space, different from mine, different from anyone else’s. They have their own reality and it’s always changing. I don’t what they’re thinking or what they see… our paths may never cross again, but in this parallel world, there’s something that we share: we’re not strangers.” 

Exhibition Ended On September 24th

The “Parallel: Shingo Honda” exhibition was on display until September 24th, to view pieces and get more info please contact Andrejz “Andre” Kamarz at EHCC: (808) 961-5711

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