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PNP 42 – In The Name Of Science


Gov. Ige decided to sign the bill to add Gender “X” to the driver's License. In this episode, Tony and Chris breakdown the only 2 genders scientifically, and how adding this to the license goes far deeper than just making up another gender.

Have you seen what is happening in highschool and in some cases college athletics? Where biologically born males are allowed to compete against biological females.  And, as expected, the men won, by a large margin.  This happened back on the East coast where (2) males who went through the process of changing sexes were allowed to compete and win.  By winning it then bumped 2 other females the opportunity to compete in the state competition, hence losing an opportunity to be looked at by colleges for potential scholarships and just plain missing out on an opportunity to compete in states.


Ige, back at it again in another disgraceful show of ignorance, ordered men to go up to Mauna Kea at like 2-3am to tear down a culturally significant structure.  IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE, he exclaims! All about TMT, In the Name of Science!  But….he will bypass the name of science when it comes to gender?

Do you see the hypocrisy in this?  How can he be so strong on the stance of backing science when it comes to the money-grabbing TMT, but just forget and ignore science on the other hand.  #DoubleStandard seems to be norm for this administration!

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