Six Comfort Foods – Hawaii Style

Six Comfort Foods – Hawaii Style
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If you live in Hawaii, you know that the 808 state has some of the most ‘ono (delicious) grindz that you can't find just anywhere other places in the world. Check out these Hawaii style comfort foods that will leave your stomach growling!

1. Loco Moco


Nothing satisfies the soul more than the hearty, the delicious.. Loco Moco.

Start with 2 healthy scoops of white rice, top with a hamburger patty; or any other meat or veggie of your choice. Next step: Smother in gravy. Last but not least: 2 eggs, any style, cooked perfectly just the way you like them. Pair that with a side of mac salad and you have yourself a deliciously savory Hawaii style comfort plate of perfection!

2. Poke Bowl

Freshly caught ahi seasoned with the freshest of ingredients, topped over a steamy bowl of freshly cooked white rice.. what more could you ask for? Your only problem? Choosing which flavor combination you want! Will you choose the spicy mayo, the shoyu, or the special sauce?

3. Kalua Pork


Slowly cooked, tender, delicious pork commonly cooked in an imu (underground oven). Slap a healthy big scoop of your kalua pork over some rice and prepare to take your tastebuds for a ride.

4. Musubi


White rice perfectly shaped into a rectangular cube, topped with spam or other meats / seafood, then wrapped up in nori (seaweed). This is fast-food and comfort food all in one. You can grab one of these for a couple of bucks and have one affordable and tasty snack.

5. Chicken Katsu


Chicken cooked crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Next step: Dip in Katsu sauce and pair with 2 scoops rice and mac salad. Ohhhh yeah!

6. Laulau


Laulau, a Hawaii comfort food classic. Assembled by taking a few taro leaves and placing pieces of pork, salted butterfish, beef or chicken and then steamed to perfection.

What is your favorite Hawaii comfort food? Share with us in the comments below!