SMART Fact Friday – Do you have poor water pressure?

SMART Fact Friday – Do you have poor water pressure?
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SMART Fact Friday – by SMART Plumbing Hawaii

In many households, a refreshing shower is how families start their day and end their night. Good water pressure is essential for a quality shower, but poor pressure can negatively impact the experience. Poor or weak water pressure coming from the shower head can be caused by a number of reasons, but for homes with older piping, the most common cause is due to rusty pipes.

For older homes built before the 1960's, galvanized pipes were popularly used for water lines. By now, however, many homes will find their galvanized pipes have worn through their protective coatings, leading to severe internal rusting. This rusting slowly congests the pipe like a clogged artery and can lead to rust particles gradually making their way into the home's fixtures. For shower heads with weak pressure and old pipes, unthread the shower head and check inside. If you find small rust fragments within the head, it is best to discard it as rust particles have likely begun congesting the inner channels and a new head will improve water flow.

Unfortunately, simply replacing the shower head is not a permanent solution as the older pipes will continue to give off rust particles over time. To truly resolve this issue, consider contacting your local SMART Plumber to receive an estimate for complete water line replacement. Consultations are free within the Hilo area!

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