SMART Fact Friday: Prepare your plumbing for earthquake threats

SMART Fact Friday – by SMART Plumbing Hawaii Even in paradise, the threat of earthquakes can be an unpredictable concern for homeowners, but there are measures that can be taken to prepare your plumbing for them! While less common before the 1980’s, the modern plumber will recommend water heater tanks be equipped with earthquake straps. […]

The Benefits of Copper Pipes

If you’re looking to install new water lines for a home, Copper pipes are the recommended material. Copper has a proven reputation for its great longevity, durability, and reliability, easily rendering galvanized water pipes obsolete and having some benefits over CPVC plastic pipes, its main competition. Due to their high resistance to corrosion, Copper pipes […]

SMART Fact Friday: Chemical Cleaners Are Not Always Your Best Option

SMART Fact Friday – by SMART Plumbing Hawaii Contrary to popular belief, store-bought Chemical Cleaners are not always the best solutions for clogs. While cheap and helpful in a pinch, many Cleaners have caustic ingredients such as sulfuric acid and lye, which break down clogs but can also eat away at your pipes, accelerating the […]