Let's Holo Holo – Black & White Night

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KauKau Time @ Pond's Hilo

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Passport to Adventure: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

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Pidgin Word of the Week

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Ask a Big Island Pro about: Used Cars

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Poi & Pizza:

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Rescue ME!

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Special Documentary

Hawaiʻi Tsunamis

based on the book by Barbara Muffler and the Pacific Tsunami Museum

From the book:

Each person has a history, an account of things said and done, and preserving these stories helps people to understand the past and make thoughtful decisions for the future. Many people believe that there is good in everything that happens; even tragedies can have positive outcomes. This is certainly true for Hilo, which has been shaped physically, culturally, and economically by the tsunamis of 1946 and 1960. In the waves' wake, lives and livelihoods were lost. Hilo would reel from the catastrophes, but the spirit of resilience would shine through, and Hilo would emerge not unscathed, but not undone. Strength and compassion emerge from the stories of fate in how people responded to one another and how they rebuilt.