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Starting Oct. 15th, there will be a pre-travel program for COVID-19 for anyone entering Hawaiʻi. Click HERE to learn more.

By creating high-quality, community-focused content for our readers, we provide great return for our partners. With over 1.5 MILLION annual pageviews and over 40,000 social followers, we can help you get exceptional visibility to your business through the advertising opportunities we offer. We believe in the Big Island, we believe in your business, and we look forward to welcoming you as our newest partner!

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Our phenomenal in-house creative team can produce everything you need, from social media highlights to commercials and radio spots to voice overs, podcasts, and videos for you and your business. We even have a big green screen for fun backgrounds!

Our editorial and graphics team can create engaging articles, social media stories, and campaigns, digital ads, logos, graphics, and virtually anything else your business may need to achieve greater visibility for our audience and yours!

We’re proudly partnered with The Wave 92.7FM107.7 KOA Country102.7 The Beach, 105.3 Lava, Big Island Made, Palace Theater, Hawaii Tracker, and more to expand your reach and bring the best of the Big Island to our audience.

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We’ve put together some great specials to support our local Big Island businesses and get our local economy thriving again during these unprecedented times. We offer customizable packages to fit any budget. Let us help you spread the word that you’re OPEN and READY for businessadvertise your kamaʻāina specials with us! We’d love to meet and chat with you to get a better idea of how we can help support you. Please follow up with a member of our sales team any way you’d like or fill out our general sales inquiry form (below). We now offer financing for our marketing and advertising services at competitive rates through our partners over at Surv Credit—please let us know if you are interested! We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as our newest partner very soon!

Kristen "KT" Thario

Sales Manager & Owner | As Big Island Pulse owner, KT is responsible for overseeing all partner accounts and ensuring that all of our advertisers are taken care of and satisfied.


Corporate Sales | Mike, with his experience and expertise in digital marketing, assists us with bringing new corporate partners on board like Suisan, Island Wide Motors, and more!

Cody Chapin

Small Business Sales | Also co-founder of the Big Island Made program, Cody focuses on small businesses—primarily local makers, producers, and manufacturers.