5 Fashion Trends in Hawaii

We all want to look our best, be true to ourselves, and make fashion our own. Here are 5 fashion trends in Hawaii you might want to try, if you haven’t already ????.

1. Rompers / Jumpsuits

Rompers and Jumpsuits are huge right now. You can walk into any woman’s clothing store on the island and spot racks of Rompers and Jumpsuits. From colorful stripes to florals down to solid colors. So, have fun ladies, you’re bound to find one that fits your body and personality. Despite what you have heard, rompers and jumpsuits are not just for the tall and skinny. Don’t get discouraged, you’ll probably need to try on a few before you find the right cut and fit. You might even have to have them altered but, this is one fashion trend I believe will be staying around for a while.

2. Espadrille Platform Shoes

Did I say platform shoes? Yes, you heard me right, the ’90s are back! With a totally cool and updated look! There are so many strap options from buckles to lace up. You can wear these babies with just about anything from jeans to shorts to dresses. Espadrilles platform shoes are so versatile and a great addition to anybody’s wardrobe.

3. Split leg pants

I can’t say how much I love this trend. In addition to loving the look and feel of this type of pant, they are very comfortable and body flattering. Great to wear to the beach or just around the Island. Similar to the rompers and jumpsuits you can get these pants in a variety of options from florals to bold patterns to every solid color under the sun. Ladies, If you don’t already own a pair I believe this is one fashion trend you might be pleasantly surprised by.

4. Crop Tops

The crop top trend is even more popular than the rompers and jumpsuits. Everywhere I go shopping on the island the majority of shirts for sale are crop tops. I have to admit this trend is not one of my favorites. The reason being is, if you’re not a size 0-3 it’s hard to pull off. I don’t know about you but, I would just like to buy a shirt that covers my stomach.

Anyone interested in boycotting crop tops ?????

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is wildly worn on the island from rings to bracelets to earrings to necklaces. Most of it is inspired by the tropical plants that grow here, for example, the Monstera leaf. The materials used are gold and silver. Another type of jewelry that is really popular are pearls. As with all jewelry, it can range in price, from cosmetic jewelry ranging $5-$50 to fine jewelry ranging in the $100’s – $1000’s.

So there you have it fashionistas, 5 current Island trends to make your own. Which one is your favorite and why? What current island trend would you include on the list?

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