Fashion for the Fight

Fashion for the Fight 2019

Fashion for the Fight

These aren’t your average, everyday models. These are cancer survivors taking to the runway in the fight against cancer!

Fashion for the Fight made its triumphant return to Kings’ Shops at Waikoloa for the fourth time. This unique show features those dealing with cancer, and showcases them in the year’s hottest fashion. VIP guests enjoyed special food offerings from the Kings’ Shops’ finest eateries, and front row seats to celebration of fashion and healing.
Lynn Rostau, general manager for the Kings’ Shops, has a special connection with the show. 

This event is very near and dear to my heart. I lost my mother, who was my hero, to breast cancer and two years ago my husband was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer. It’s a speed bump, it’s not a stop sign.

Since 2016, Lynn has made it her personal mission to work alongside the North Hawaiʻi Community Hospital. Their goals was to feature cancer survivors and caregivers to raise awareness and donations for the Cancer Center. Every year, Fashion for the Fight has been a tale of hope, perseverance, and positivity. For our community, it helps add to the cheerful holiday season.

See the Full Fashion for the Fight 2019 Show:

Each model has a story to tell

Each model has their own reason to walk, which is what gives this event so much gravity. Some walk for their loved ones, and others walk to show that they could beat cancer. Lynn made it a special point to highlight model and breast cancer survivor Bernie Ono. What made her so special for this event is that she has been a nurse for over 40 years. Now, it was her time to finally shine.

When I met Bernie on November 16 of this year, she told me she’s very uncomfortable about this event because she’s so used to being under the radar and everybody being taken care of by her… So we have to give her a huge scream before the stage!
(Right) Lynn Rostau, general manager of Kings' Shops, gives a special shout out to cancer survivor and veteran nurse Bernie Ono after the Fashion for the Fight show.
(Right) Lynn Rostau, general manager of Kings’ Shops, gives a special shout out to cancer survivor and veteran nurse Bernie Ono after the Fashion for the Fight show.
That was more than enough to bring the entire audience to their feet. Shouts of support and love filled the air, which is what this event is all about. In our small Big Island community, we all know someone going through devastating issues like cancer. And in dealing with the sea of negativity and doubt that those troubles bring, events like Fashion for the Fight shine through with a ray of hope, community, and a bright future.

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