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Pono Pulse: Laycie Khadija

It all started with her 4-year-old son suggesting the idea of sharing meals with the less fortunate at Lincoln Park. Then, it grew into bigger projects like community meals, blanket, jacket and toiletry bag distributions. Thanksgiving meals, pandemic ohana care packages and even serving as an information and resource hub. Laycie Khadija and her ‘ohana spearheaded each project with the help of donations from the community.

Laycie and her boys

The Reason

When asked what motivated her to embark on these amazing projects, Khadija mentioned, “I’m a local girl born and raised. Traveled, studied and worked all around the world. My experience and time abroad made me appreciate home more. It made me more aware of the needs of our community. I wanted to be a member in our community to take action and make a difference.”

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2021

Toiletry Packs

Last Thanksgiving, Laycie and her ohana were able to provide complete meals to over 40 families in East Hawai’i. Each family received a turkey, if they needed, and all the fixings! They even delivered to those who didn’t have transportation. During Christmas, the ‘ohana was able to distribute over 75 toiletry bags complete with blankets and jackets to people in need. Seriously, how amazing is that!? 

The Real Reality

“With the rising cost of living in Hawai’i, there is definitely still a need for food resources for people in our communities. While there are food pantries and other government programs, not everyone qualifies, has transportation or is able to participate because food distributions are during their work hours.” explains Khadija. “The smallest gesture of support means a lot to a family struggling in need. If you can give, give, no matter how small.”

Her Ohana & Community Were Instrumental

Khadija emphasized that each of the projects would not have been possible without the help of her ‘ohana and members in the community through networking. Every single contribution made a difference in the project- whether it was a dollar, a share on social media or time to help collect and deliver. “The success of our projects are a culmination of every single person lending their help and support.”

Mahalo Nui Laycie!

Mahalo nui Laycie, to you and your amazing team, for helping to make the lives of people in our community better! The effort that all of you put forth really speaks volumes to each and every person that you come into contact with. You are all amazing!!

To follow Laycie’s projects, check out her boys’ page on Facebook:

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