Breath of Life / Guided Breathwork Ceremony with sound Healing


Sep 02 2020


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm



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Hawaiian Sanctuary


Hawaiian Sanctuary
13-3194 Pahoa kalapana road, Pahoa hi 96778

Join The Breath of Life for an experience inward of breathwork, sound healing and meditation. We exist in many dimensions and timelines simultaneously, whether we are conscious of them or not. Spirit guides, angels, and ancestors are always present- waiting for our awareness. This includes ancient wisdom beings, which were called deities in Hindu and Buddhist religions.
This is a very intentional ceremony in where a sacred container is designed by Igor to create a safe space to release what needs to be released, balance what needs to be healed and invite energies of harmony and love to enter your energetic field.
The ceremony based on holotropic breathwork, and what’s more includes other powerful modalities that promotes a deeper healing like nothing else. Smudging with sacred herbs and aromatherapy with medicine essential oils, chanting mantras on Sanskrit, the sounds of authentic ancient instruments from all over the world will guide the path to restoring your subconsciousness and access a higher power and your true nature.
When we breath deep we clear old trauma, bring more harmony into our existence therefore creating more space for light to enter!
Igor Siberia is a Reiki and Theta Healing Practitioner, certified Breathwork Facilitator, lover of introspection, non-ordinary states of consciousness and founder of The Guardian Wellness Sanctuary – Alternative and Holistic Health Services. He has spent the last 10 years mastering, learning, and practicing different modalities to help heal himself and others. To transform any trauma, addiction, pain and all negativity that might influence our subconscious and conscious mind into LOVE and LIGHT within.
Full Bio:
Yana Garden is professional musician, sound healer, singer, choir conductor, vocal teacher, facilitator of Medicine of sound breathwork ceremonies and lifelong explorer of healing modalities through the sound.
Mike Auburn enjoys creating new age music and healing sounds with the guitar and other musical instruments. Through the music, breathing, chanting you will be guided into your heart, connecting with your soul and light within.
Bring the mat, blanket to make yourself comfortable and bottle of water to drink after the session.
Eat well, healthy, and fresh the day before and the day of. FAST from food and water 2 hours prior the breathwork session. This will help you go deeper into yourself and let go.
Stay well hydrated the day before and the day of. Drinking water is encouraged after we are done with the breathwork portion of the session and we begin to talk about what you experienced. Being well hydrated will help in relaxation, comfort, and letting go.
If you do not have a journal, I encourage you to get one. The insights will be very profound and FUN to watch over time that you receive with this practice. That is how you can measure a success in your progress, and make the right decisions in the future.
$$$ Suggested donations $15, $20, $30, $45 – but we never turn anyone away as we believe everyone deserve healing they are looking for.
Integration is an essential component of any practice that intentionally expands states of consciousness (including breathwork!). These types of practices have an impact on the totality of our being including physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual. Giving attention to integration offers the potential to enrich our life experience by allowing us to digest, embody and apply to our daily lives the insights and lessons learned while doing in-depth exploratory work like breathwork. Everyone integrates differently, below are some ideas for integration activities. Just because it is not listed below does not mean it is not something that won’t be a benefit to you. The opposite is true too, what is listed below may not resonate. I encourage you to explore what works best
– Journaling
– Meditation: including walking or other active meditations, guided, or other forms of mindfulness practice Exercising
– Talking about your experiences with a trusted friend
– Listening to medicine music
– Dancing
– Any form of art work (painting, drawing, writing poetry)
– Self-care

Breathing is LIGHT, breathing is LOVE, breathing into your HEART
Set yourself free from anxiety, stress and limiting self beliefs, and move into a more confident and calm you!

  • Event Area: East Hawaiʻi

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