South Kona (SOKO) Artists Collective 2021 Auction


Feb 13 - 20 2021


9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Online | Virtual | Zoom


Online | Virtual | Zoom

2021 SOKO Auction

Bidding will open at 9:00AM HST on Saturday, February 13, and close at 12:00PM HST on Saturday, February 20.

Important notes on bidding: Anyone can bid, but they will need to set up an account to do so. As with any auction, they will need to enter a credit card to secure their bids, but nothing will be charged until the auction closes, and then only if they win an item. When people bid, a “tip” field will be included on the bidding page. Betterworld (the platform hosting our auction) keeps their services free to use by generating revenue through this tip line. One can tip with each bid, wait to tip only on their final bid, or opt out of tipping completely – any of these options is totally fine and does not affect the standing of your bid.

After the auction: For those of you participating in the auction, you will be contacted, by the artists, after the auction closes. The artist will gather your contact information and arrange for shipping (and the cost of shipping) directly.

Many thanks, and happy bidding!
Gigi Goochey, SOKO Artist

  • Event Area: East Hawaiʻi, South Hawaiʻi, West Hawaiʻi, North Hawaiʻi

The event is finished.