Food Review: Burger and Spudzilla Fries @ Big Island Top Dog

Note: I have personally been on a mission for the past 15 years or so in search of the best burgers around.


I know what you are about to ask, “you went to Big Island Top Dog, a place KNOWN FOR THEIR HOT DOGS, and got a burger”? Yes, yes I did. And the funniest thing is, I looooove Hot Dogs!  To the point, I could eat them multiple times a week, but if you haven’t tried the burgers there, you don’t know what you are missing!


Veggie Burger on a sweet roll with (4) toppings, ($9) and Spudzilla Fries ($6.95)  – TOTAL COST: $15.95


When you order, it is just like the hot dogs, you choose your bun, type of dog/meat, toppings and any extras.  This time I went with the sweet roll, with the veggie patty topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles and bacon, yes bacon on a veggie burger, don’t judge me!  I also had garlic aioli with mustard.


Let’s begin with the star of the show today, the burger.  Now I understand you are probably confused why I would order a veggie patty and then put bacon on it.  My answer? Just like the song from Blackout Allstars, I LIKE IT LIKE THAT!!!  They have a really good veggie patty, plenty of flavor and works well with the soft sweet roll.  For me, combining the garlic aioli with mustard is the only way to go, I used to be a traditionalist and only have katsup, mustard, and mayo, but I have expanded my palate a bit!  This mix with the sour from the pickles, salty from the bacon and sweetness from the sweet roll, mhmmm!!

Now, onto one of my favorite sides ever, the Spudzilla Fries! First, let’s talk about how much you get, this could be a meal in itself, it’s huge! This bad boy comes loaded with: garlic aioli, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, sour cream, chives, & crispy fried garlic. The key to this is making sure you spread the sour cream over the top layer.  But man I am telling you, when you get that magical bite that has everything on it? OH-MY-GAWD! it literally melts in your mouth, so good.  The crispy fried garlic adds the perfect finishing touch.  I prefer to order it without the mushrooms, but since the wifey was with us, we got it loaded!


I have personally been on a mission for the past 15 years or so in search of the best burgers around.  We have come across choke good burgers on the Big Island, but I would have to say, this one cracks my top 5!  Want to know the other 4? You will have to wait, I am working on that piece now, in the meantime, head over to Big Island Top Dog and try their burger out!  trust me, try it my way and let me know what you think. Leave your comments in the section below!


It is 5 out of 5. Nothing more to add, I love the burger and especially the spudzilla fries! Go order them!


5073, 811 Laukapu St #6, Hilo, HI 96720 | 808.657.4469 | FB: /bigislandtopdogs.hi | IG: @bigisland_topdogs

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