Food Review: iʻa Tacos @ So Juicy Hilo

I was not disappointed.



I love fish tacos, whether it is made with Swai, Ahi, Ono and yes Mahi Mahi.  To me, what makes a good fish taco is not only how the fish is prepared, but the salsa and garnishes it comes with.  So when I heard that So Juicy had an amazing fish taco, I simply had to try it to see for myself. To be honest, I was a little surprised to hear they served regular food as my assumption was that they were a juice company (hence the name So Juicy).

MY ORDER: The I’A TACOS ($13) plus a “Love you More” 12 oz. juice ($8) – TOTAL COST: $21 plus tip and tax.

HOW IT’S MADE:  The I’a tacos were made with freshly caught Mahi on a bed of greens, cheese, mango avocado salsa on coconut tortillas.  The sides were homemade salsa and sweet potato. “The Love You More” was with red apple, ‘olena, and ginger.


Most fish tacos have small pieces of fish that leave you asking for more.  That was not an issue here, they were HUGE! Typically I would be a little nervous with a large piece of fish, but it was prepared perfectly, seasoned just right, and very tender.  The surprising part of this dish was that they were served on coconut tortillas.  I didn’t even know they made coconut tortillas.  I didn’t think they needed to add the scoop of sweet potato to it, but hey, who am I to argue when there is extra food to fill me up!


Let’s just get the juice out of the way first. It was…well, like most cold press juices; nothing spectacular, but refreshing and good.  Now the star of the show was definitely the I’a tacos.  It was served with fresh Mahi, and honestly, just look at the size of the cuts on that thing. The first bite confirmed my excitement, it was very well balanced between the mango avocado salsa, fish, greens on top, and of course, I had to load it with the homemade salsa.  To me, a fish taco is all about the extras, the salsa with the mango and avocado brightened it up while the homemade salsa was the perfect finish.

I know you didn’t think I would just skip right over the coconut tortillas did you? Let me start with this, I am a traditionalist, I usually do not like change.  So when I saw it was served on coconut tortillas I have to admit, I was a little discouraged. I mean, why mess with such a great plate by getting fancy? I was not disappointed.  They were not overpowering with coconut flavor and were not dry as I had anticipated.  Plus, now I get to tell my wife I had a very healthy plate!


Absolutely I would, however, I would probably leave off the cold-pressed juice as I have a hard time justifying paying over $20 for lunch. I don’t mind buying cold-pressed juices, but as a meal supplement not an addition to a meal.


One of the things I noticed is that So Juicy does meal prep.  From what I understand, you can place an order of 5 or 10 meals per week and pick up directly from the store.  Interesting, and something I may look into in the future.


It is 4 out of 5. Honestly, it would be a 5 out of 5 if I had not ordered the juice.  I know, I know, why am I beating up the juice so much, hey you wanted a review, here it is.  I have no problem with the juice, it was good, but as a meal replacement only.


116-B Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, HI 96720

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