Updated: O.K. Farms CSA Produce Boxes Going Strong in Hilo and Kona

The fantastic CSA Produce Boxes from O.K. Farms are still going strong! They have expanded their boxes for purchase every Tuesday here in Hilo from 9:00am-5:00pm and in Kona once a month on Wednesday from 12:00pm-1:00pm. Such an easy way to get fresh, beautiful, locally grown produce into your kitchen! We love this CSA BOX!

Treat yourself and reserve yours today HERE or reach out to them on IG or @okfarms. You will not be disappointed!

Girl holding CSA Produce Box full of vegetables
Kea Keolanui of O.K. Farms.

CSA Produce Box full of lychee fruit, lettuce, tomatoes and more!
O.K. Farm CSA Box (changes weekly)

Boxes can come with a seasonal assortment of sensational items. Including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, limes, ginger, sweet potatoes, microgreens, corn, rainbow chard, kale, green beans, beets, squash, macadamia nuts, lychee, starfruit and so much more.

These ingredients make for so many tasty dishes, like an easy, fresh and crispy salad!

Picture of vegetables in a salad from CSA Produce Box

Avocado toast perfect for anytime of day!

Sautéed Rainbow chard w/garlic and olive oil

Stir fried vegetables from CSA Produce Box

For more delicious recipe ideas visit our friend Lisa at Paradise Hand Pies. Her “Foodie On Parade” section will make you want to order a box and get cooking today! CLICK HERE to see her drool worthy recipes!

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