Random Thoughts and Trying New Things


Being at home with the kids, quarantined, gives you a lot of time to think of really random things. Like how your shadow is confirmation that light has traveled nearly 93 million miles, unobstructed, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in the final few feet thanks to you. Or, like, do you think the live lobsters in the kitchen of the titanic look at that event as tragic or freeing?

In all seriousness though, it has given me time to think of important things as well, like what we are putting into our Keiki’s bodies (and ours too of course). My wife would always tell me to “look at the labels” on the food, but you know when your spouse says it, do you really listen? So I did, and I started with an American tradition, that ironically comes from Canada…..syrup.

I was shocked to see that the maple syrup family members had, literally had ZERO maple syrup in it! Like NONE! Then I pulled out the syrup that we had and saw 100% organic maple syrup. What a difference. Now, to be completely honest, I fought like crazy when my wife first bought this syrup, it was way thinner than Aunt Jamima’s lol, tasted different and I just revolted against it. She would tell me, the reason it tastes different is you are actually tasting what maple syrup is! I would eventually come to want the true syrup the more I ate it, proving you can train an old geezer to try and do new things.

So when you are sitting at home, letting your mind wander about random stuff like, why do people say “tuna fish” but they don’t say “Beef cow”?, remember to take a minute and go look at some of your food labels, is it really food? Or manufactured things to make it taste like what you want, your health and well being is crucial, especially now, so take some time, and stay informed, and try true maple syrup, you will be amazed at what it really tastes like lol!!


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