5 Medicinal Hawaiian Plants

Ancient Hawaiians were part of a very resourceful civilization, which is evident from their strong medical tradition. All Native Hawaiian medicines were crafted from plants, minerals, and animals that grew plentifully wherever they lived. Here are 5 medicinal Hawaiian plants that you can use to treat yourself: 1. Māmaki – Pipturus albidus Māmaki is a plant native […]

7 Favorite Hawaii Snacks

Food is one of my favorite things of all time! I wonder what my mom would say if I changed my middle name to Kaukau? (corny, I know)  Snacks are particularly my favorite because those are the foods that I can take on the go, and any snack that I can take anywhere is a […]

6 Hawaiian Delicacies You Must Try

When most people think of Hawaii they imagine beaches, surfing, nightlife, and of course, a rich variety of local foods. For most mainland Americans, Hawaiian food is so different and exciting that it’s difficult to decide what to try first. The good thing about Hawaii, though, is that living here or even visiting for an extended […]