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12 Days of Christmas Ultimate Gift Guide: Day 1 — For the Big Island Subscription Box Lover

We’re kicking off the holiday season with Big Island Pulse’s 2020 gift guide! You heard us—to celebrate 12 days of Christmas, we’re here to give you the ultimate guide to gifting from local businesses this year—it’s easy on the wallet and will help support our local economy. Stay tuned over the next 11 days for gift ideas to impress everyone on your nice list this year. For Day 1 we’re hopping on one of the biggest shopping trends there is: by focusing on Big Island subscription boxes. 

If you have friends or family on another island or even on the mainland, chances are they aren’t able to regularly enjoy the local produce and other goods that are produced all over the Big Island. Luckily, these six Big Island subscription boxes are here to spread the love from our ‘aina to nearly anywhere in the U.S. This holiday season, send the gift of aloha to the person in your family who can’t wait to get back to the Big Island.

Big Island Box
Image via Big Island Box

Big Island Subscription Box for the Hawai’i Island Lover: Big Island Box

This subscription service based on Hawai’i Island provides an all-encompassing taste (and smell) of Hawai’i right when you crack open one of their boxes, complete with locally made and grown staples such as local soaps, chocolate, herbs, and more. Big Island Box offers plenty of products to choose from—from one-time purchases to monthly deliveries. Price range: $50–$700.

Big Island Subscription Box For the Farm Lover: Hawai’i Farm Stand

Get a taste of the Big Island’s finest with a one-time box or even a three-month subscription with Hawai’i Farm Stand. From fresh fruit, to honey, and even hot sauce, Hawai’i Farm Stand has everything you need when it comes to gifting fresh food from all across Hawai’i Island while supporting local farms. Price range: $38–$60 per box.

Hawai'i Farm Stand
Image via Hawai'i Farm Stand
Kaunamano Farm
Image via Kaunamano Farm

Big Island Subscription Box For the Bacon Lover: Kaunamano Farm

Using sustainable and ethical practices, locally owned Kaunamano Farm raises Royal Berkshire hogs to produce top-quality meat and even our favorite island delicacy, spam. From an à la carte purchases to a Big Island Box subscription, Kaunamano Farm has you covered for all things pork-related and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. overnight. Price range: $9–$150.

Big Island Subscription Box for the Snacker: Snack Hawai’i

Whoever said food subscription boxes were reserved for just produce clearly has never experienced the sweet, sweet paradise of snackhawai’—they stock everything from li hing mui sour watermelon to ahi tuna jerky. If anyone on your Christmas list has a major sweet tooth or hankering for these popular Hawaiian snacks, send them a box of goodies from Snack Hawai’i! Price range: $4–$130.

Snack Hawai'i
Image via Snack Hawai'i
Hawai’i Eco Experiences
Image via Hawai'i Eco Experiences

Big Island Subscription Box for the Foodie: Hawai’i Eco Experiences

Based in Hilo, this farm-to-front-door subscription service will deliver weekly, bi-weekly, and also accommodates one-time, single purchases, including locally grown macadamia nuts, rambutan, Kamuela tomatoes, bread, cheese, pizza kits, and more. Surprise your loved ones with a weekly subscription box of island goodies—the perfect stay-at-home alternative to grocery shopping. Price range: $25–$115.

Big Island Subscription Box for the Natural Beauty: Ao Organics

Say goodbye to trips to the drug store and hello to organic skincare made with hibiscus, guava, taro, pineapple extract, and more—delivered right to your doorstep. Ao Organics brings a refreshing twist to the subscription box game with their eco-friendly ingredients and packaging that will give you an everlasting island glow. Send a box to a friend (or yourself) and give the gift of an elevated skincare routine this Christmas. Price range: $8–$110.

Ao Organics
Image via Ao Organics
Honoka’a Chocolate Co.
Image via Honoka’a Chocolate Co. at Kahi Ola Mau Farm

Honoka’a Chocolate Co.

Locally made chocolate delivered right to your door—is this a dream? Honoka’a Chocolate Co. has been serving up delicious chocolate for the past six years after owners Mike and Rhonda Pollard purchased Kahi Ola Mau Farm on the Hamakua Coast. They’re currently offering subscription boxes and one-time purchases that can be filled with up to 10 different kinds of handcrafted Hawaiian chocolate bars. Price range: $7–$85.

Volcano Winery

As the only winery on the Big Island, Volcano Winery creates a unique blend of flavors using local honey, guava, Jaboticaba, starfruit, lilikoi, and more. They’re currently running a holiday special on their boxes of wine that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.! Prices start at $18 per bottle.

Volcano Winery
Image via Volcano Winery

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