Gab’s Garage Doors: Honesty & Reliability is Priority

Since purchasing the already established business from the original retiring owners, Lisa & Chris Silva spent the early years of their new business building a foundation. This foundation would be the root of what they have built to be a growing family-oriented business and one that would extend to their customers as well.

Honesty & Reliability is Number One

Truth be told, honesty and reliability are the basis of the foundation that the Silva’s built. They pride themselves on providing superior customer service on each interaction. Remembering each of their customer’s names and ensuring that the services that they are providing- from estimates to handling manufacturer’s warranty transactions are done in a professional and swift manner. “I want to treat my customers like how I would want to be treated.” says Lisa.

Family Oriented & Hardworking


Through their own respective positions in their previous places of employment- Lisa, formerly a 911 Operator, Insurance Agent and Food Truck Operator and Chris at HPM Industrial, they were able to contribute to individual ideas of how their business should be run. Family makes up their employee roster and they both work to instill hardworking and positive work ethic to each of their dedicated and knowledgeable employees. Lisa stated that they strive to take care of their people in the same way that they take care of their customers.

Quality is Top Notch

Did you know that Gab’s Garage Doors services the entire Big Island with not only residential garage doors. They also do gate operators and commercial roll up doors, as well. With the extensive selection of designs and styles that you could choose from, the possibilities seem endless. Manufacturer warranties? Lisa and her team got you covered! She serves as the middleman to ensure that the hassle that always comes with talking to a manufacturer is handled efficiently and effectively. All shipments are closely inspected by herself and the team to ensure that their customers are getting exactly what they expect and pay for. 

Always Supporting Local

In addition to their amazing services, Gab’s Garage Doors collaborates with and supports local businesses to keep the money local. They work with HPM Industrial and Royal Hawaiian Movers- just to name a few. 

Need to get a new garage door or building one? Contact them via phone, check out their easy to use website, or stop by the office- business contact information has been provided below.

Phone: 808-987-0035
Business Address: 16-166 Williama Street #103 Kea’au, Hawai’i (Shipman Industrial)

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