A Moment with Keanu Keolanui | Living Hilo Style

I had a chance to connect with Hilo High School senior, Keanu Keolanui the now famous Hilo High Viking kicker (#82) who kicked an amazing 55-yard field goal with just two  seconds left on the clock at the state football championship game. I watched it live on Facebook and despite the blurry video, I felt all the tension and elation in that moment.

March 2012 when Keanu was my son’s soccer teammate.

I first met Keanu years ago when he played soccer on the same team as my son and I am so happy to see that he has grown up to be not just an outstanding athlete who made the All-Hawaii First Team Special Team, but a humble and kind human being. Keanu is a man of few words as you see below but here are some of them.

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