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From Alpacas to Zebras to Ostriches that Lay Golden Eggs, You Don’t Want to Miss Three Ring Ranch’s Eggcellent Fundraiser

If you’re looking for a truly exotic gift to give this year, Kona’s Three Ring Ranch is currently hosting a fundraiser that lets you adopt an exotic animal from their ranch. OK, maybe you won’t be living the life of Joe Exotic (which is definitely for the best), but your gift helps support these sanctuary animals and gets you a lovely photo and adoption certificate, along with your name mentioned on the website. In addition to the animal adoption option, the sanctuary is hosting an auction for some truly unique and stunning ostrich eggs that have been decorated by local artists. Three Ring Ranch is the only fully accredited exotic animal sanctuary in Hawaii and is currently home to more than 50 different kinds of animals.

This year’s fundraiser is certainly a unique one: not only can you buy a golden egg, but you can also adopt the ostrich that laid it (if you prefer the classic golden egg story, there are also two types of geese that can be adopted). Yes, there’s literally a golden egg up for auction (it’s been gilded with 24k gold and is currently at a minimum bid of $500). While a golden egg is certainly a standout, the other 20+ eggs that are up for auction are incredibly beautiful and unique in their own ways. Artists used a variety of media and techniques to create stunning works of art that would look amazing in any home, all created with eggs laid at the sanctuary. In addition to the eggs, artists have also donated other pieces of artwork to the fundraiser, including porcelain pieces and limited edition prints.

Don’t need any artwork right now? Then you’ll definitely want to adopt an animal to help support this great cause. For a minimum donation that covers the animals’ partial costs for the year you’ll receive a photo, adoption certificate, and a mention on the 3RR website. This makes an excellent gift for the animal lovers in your life and helps to support this wonderful place in a time of great need; sadly the sanctuary is experiencing a $26,000 budget deficit due to the pandemic shutting down some of their regular money-generating activities. Adoptions are available for a variety of animals, all of whom call Three Ring Ranch home. From the exotics like ring-tailed lemurs and parrots to the natives like nenes and pueos, the sanctuary cares for a variety of animals in need.

If you don’t want to commit to an adoption or bidding on an egg you can also support the sanctuary by voting for your favorite egg and your favorite art piece for just $1 per vote. The winning artist will be crowned “Most Eggcellent Artist 2020.” In addition to adoptions, supporters have the option to become a Godparent to the animals at the sanctuary, basically making a donation of any size to the animal of their choice in exchange for all the good feelings. You can also make a donation on the 3RR website

While the auctions for the artwork end on November 30th, supporters will have the opportunity to adopt or godparent the animals at any time. But don’t delay! The animals need your support TODAY!

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