Free Tai Chi class


Nov 11 - 18 2021


Every Week
10:30 am - 11:30 am



Free T’ai chi ch’uan class

Meet our Instructor:  Jill Siegel Stone

Jill began studying t’ai chi ch’uan, the yang style short form of professor Cheng man-ch’ing in 1986 with Sifu Bill Phillips of Patience T’ai chi in Brooklyn NY.

T’ai chi is a slow-moving martial art that stresses slow breathing, balanced and relaxed postures and calmness of mind. It requires no special equipment.
T’ai chi is a wonderful source of relaxation and well-being. In fact, the purpose of this practice is nothing less than rejuvenation and the prolongation of life. Its name is derived from a concept of Chinese philosophy meaning “supreme ultimate”. It expresses the belief that tai chi represents the highest development of the essential physical and psychological principle, of substantial and insubstantial, yin and yang.

With conscientious practice, to master the sequence of these 37 postures will lead to healthful and harmonious living.

See you here at Big Island Climbing at 10:30am on Thursday!

  • Event Area: East Hawaiʻi

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