Unleashing the Goddess Within- A Transformational Journey


Aug 08 2020


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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Online | Virtual | Zoom


Online | Virtual | Zoom

Join Mea on on a 5 month Transformational Journey through Goddess, ritual and self discovery.

The world is changing before our very eyes. Moment by moment there is more coming undone, old constructs and paradigms, shifting and tumulting down around us on this journey.
Enter the time of the Great Unraveling, a shift in Consciousness taking us further and further away from the comforts of ‘what was’.

We have asked for it, waited for it. It is here.
Deep within you, you feel a stirring. Something within you has awoken. It stirs, stretches, rises and no longer can it be ignored.
What is calling with in you? What is waiting to be unleashed?
You have known for sometime that you were meant for more. You have felt that life was not all that it appeared to be.
Old energy, thoughts, conditioning have blocked your way, but they are crumbling down now and it is your time to Awaken.

This Journey will take us through our own personal process of Transformation. We will Journey with the Energy of Goddess; Kali Ma, Inanna, Brigitte, Sedna and Kwan Yin, all Goddess for whom hold the keys to Death/Rebirth, Change/Transformation. We will Journey into the Dark and come out Reborn.
This is a Journey to Reclaim our Personal Power, our undeniable Goddess energy within.
It is a Journey for those that wish to take this first step and cross the threshold of Transformation.

Course Basic Information
This course includes online Zoom meetings, private discussion group, one-on-one time with Mea, ritual and homework.

Course Details:
This course will meet online twice monthly beginning with the second Saturday in August, 2020. A specific time will be announced once we know participant timezones. Additional meditations, readings and reflections will be offered for participants to work on in their own time throughout the month. Mea will be available for Skype one-on-one sessions as needed. All participants will be added to a private FB group so that we may connect throughout the month and share our Journeys. Each meeting will be available for download after we have gathered live.

The first meeting of each month will be dedicated to ritual and ceremony, invoking that month’s Goddess, discussion of Her attributes and themes relevant for the month. There will be rich and meaningful sharing, bonding our Journey as both individuals and a group. All participants will understand the meaning of Sacred Space, how to invoke Goddess, how to ‘Hold Space’ and how to dive within.
Throughout the month you will receive additional communications from Mea, meditations, readings/thoughts. You are welcome and invited to connect with her one-on-one via Skype and to share witihin the group FB. Expect to Journal extensively throughout the 5 month Journey. If you are a non-writer, feel free to record your Journal on some device.

You will be expected to create Sacred Space within your home. A space intended for your reflections, meditations and where you can focus your attention on the energies each month, both Goddess and Elements. Within your Space you will be creating an alter to harness the energies of the month in shape and form that is meaningful to you.
August 8th, 2020 Time TBA
September 12,2020 Time TBA
October 10, 2020 Time TBA
November 14, 2020 Time TBA
December 12, 2020 Time TBA

Notes from Mea
Sisters, I am honored that you have decided to take this Journey. The Journey of the Soul is not a slight Journey and should not be taken lightly! Only a brave warrior chooses to Journey into the Underworld, confront her shadows and bring them into Light. Each of you will now begin a Journey of a lifetime, a Journey of Change and Transformation, your own Initiation by Fire.
Yet, like the Phoenix, so shall you all Rise.
Welcome, Sisters, I look forward to greeting you warmly and Journeying with you these next months.
And Sister, the Journey has already begun.

In Love & Transformation,
Mea x

I have spent years instructing women and healers to ask for fair compensation for their gifts and talents. It is something that women seem to struggle to do. We all wish to help and sometimes, at our own expense. This course represents my work, my time, my ability to put food on the table for myself and my young daughter and our furry companions. Years ago I committed myself to Goddess and a life of service. I feel passionately about this work which She is aksing me to offer. I have seen the women who will join the Circle and know that they are, each, in need of this offering.
Times right now are very uncertain and many of us have had our livelhoods and income challenged. I am no different in this regard.
But I TRUST and know that all happens for a reason.

My original asking price for this work and Journey was $555 for the entirety for each women. Yet I honor the times we are in which are unstable at best.
Therefore, I have decided to open this course to Donation set at your choosing, Trusting that for those that it is within their ability, to pay what they feel best and can afford. Choose what you feel is right within your own hearts and what is available to you at this moment.
Together we will create positive Change in our world. Together we support each other through Sisterhood. So shall it be. Blessed BE!


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