Cook to Live Longer

Cook to Live Longer

Try making breakfast just for yourself and then as you grow confident, try a new recipe, host a potluck and then plan the next fantastic meal.

Average Americans eat commercially prepared meals at least 4.2 times a week. I don’t think fresh or healthy when grabbing a meal on the go… rather a convenience thing. Reducing the number of meals eaten out could mean healthier choices and fewer unwanted sugars, fillers, and preservatives. BUT it could save you a ton of money according to ‘the simple’ dollar’.  Now, that’s a win-win in my book.  The facts remain that the healthiest way to live longer and healthier is not going to be found in a box, bag or bottle.

You may agree with this logic but are unable to make a fried egg, bake a cake, or you’ve been known to burn water! What if you do not know how to cook? Don’t have a clue where to start. Never fear, there are many resources nowadays. You will need a few supplies and ingredients but once you dive in it becomes easy and a creative outlet for some.

Check out this article posted by Blue Zones, learning cooking tips to live life longer.   Blue Zones Project is a community-based well-being improvement initiative that uses scientifically proven lessons of longevity, health, and happiness to create vibrant communities and boost the well-being of their residents.

Check your local whole foods and farmers markets for cooking classes. Many have shopping tours to help you make healthy choices and introduce new foods into your diet.  Many colleges and community centers have what is called “adult-ing” classes where cooking classes, as well as other survival lessons, learned.

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