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Looking for Great BBQ To Go? The Fish and the Hog Has You Covered

The Fish and the Hog, or as we call it, Fin & Snout, is a Waimea gem that was our favorite stop when holoholo-ing around the northern part of the island, getting to know our new home. It was our go-to place for friends and family who came to visit us. Then COVID-19 hit. We all know how that’s going, especially for food businesses. In my continuing efforts to support local as often as is safe and practicable, we decided to stop by on our way back from the Waimea Farmer’s Market (dang it, we missed “Cheese Please” AGAIN!) last month and again a couple of weeks ago. Even though we couldn’t dine in, they did not disappoint.
For the first trip, I got the fresh catch with beurre blanc sauce. The sauce was perfectly balanced in its creaminess and tang. I’m a big fan of capers, and there were just enough of those little tarty salt bombs to accompany the clean taste of the grilled Ono.
On the second trip, I went with my absolute favorite from The Fish and the Hog, the pulled pork sandwich. The smoke on the meat was simply beautiful. I love the brioche bun, and I will admit to being addicted to their crackseed BBQ sauce, which I applied without restraint. I’m also one of those people who likes to put coleslaw on pretty much everything, and their coleslaw is so flavorful without being soggy (I love that they use dill) that I put that on top of the meat under the crackseed sauce. Talk about a perfect combo in a single bite. And then the fries! I like my fries on the crispier side- some would say closer to burnt than not- and their shoestring fries are never soft or soggy (but also not burnt). They are also onolicious dipped in the crackseed sauce.
Pulled pork sandwich from The Fish and the Hog
I’m getting really hungry writing this. I may need to make another trip up to Waimea soon. I hope to be able to enjoy the dining room at The Fish and the Hog at some point this year, but I understand needing to keep everyone safe and healthy. So until then, I’ll keep enjoying the best take out bbq pork I’ve had here on Big Island.
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