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Try Something Fresh and New with Jamba Hawaii’s New Bursting Boba!

I was asked a few weeks ago if I would like to try a new drink from our Hilo Jamba Hawaii location. I’ve loved Jamba since they first opened — fresh flavors, the ability to add protein powder, and so much fruit to choose from. It probably goes back to those fond childhood memories of getting to go to the “big city” where their giant malls had food courts with exotic selections like Panda Express, Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, and Orange Julius, where the orange drink tasted so much better than the blob that came out of the cardboard tube at my house. I would always ask to get a “Julius” when we were someplace that had them, and when they introduced a new flavor, I was always up to try it out.

Fast forward a couple of decades, where smoothies are now everywhere. So how does a smoothie place stand out among the competition? Fresh ingredients and innovation seem to be the key. This is exactly what Jamba Hawaii has done with their new “Bursting Boba” campaign. I will admit, I’d only tried boba once before (I know, gasp!), and it was not my jam. I’m always willing to try something new, so off I went to the Prince Kuhio Jamba Hawaii location.

I was a bit relieved to discover that these new bursting boba were not the tapioca boba that we are familiar with, rather a variety of fruit juices and purees that went through a spherification process to turn them into the vividly colored balls that fill up the bottom of your cup.I asked the server about the different flavors in the campaign and decided on the Fire Flow smoothie with the orange bursting boba. The smoothie was a pina colada with mango and orange, and the orange boba spheres popped with just the right amount of additional orange flavor. I absolutely love molecular gastronomy, and I have my own spherification kit at home to make tiny flavor bubbles for some of the gourmet dishes I make. It’s great that Jamba Hawaii has taken this technology and made it available in such a fun, flavorful, and fantastic form.

a clear cup from Jamba Hawaii is filled with orange and white liquid and orange boba spheres

I went in somewhat apprehensive but left happily popping those little orange bursts as I drove around appreciating our city and the people and businesses who continue to inspire me with their creativity.

Jamba Hawaii’s new bursting boba comes in the Fire Flow smoothie, Lava Flow smoothie, and Lava Flow bowl. The new menu items will be available for a limited time at all Jamba Hawaii locations. They will be permanent additions to their boost menu.

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