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Honoka’a Country Market- A Must Visit for BLT Lovers

On the way to the Waipio Valley lookout (remember, the Valley itself is closed to those who do not live or work down there), the last place to get a snack or sundries is the Honoka’a Country Market. I read a glowing review for their Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on one of my Facebook groups, so of course I had to go see for myself if it was really as good as the FB poster claimed. Spoiler alert: it was.

The sandwich is a double-decker, with three slices of bread and two sections for filling. The bacon was perfectly crispy, the tomato was perfectly ripe, and the lettuce was a perfect combination of leaf and arugula. Yes, I said perfect three times there, because it was just that. The bread had been lightly toasted so it could hold up the two layers of filling and the light herbed mayonnaise. Each bite hit all of the classic BLT notes, and it was definitely worth the drive. I also discovered that the market does a brisk take out business for people who live and work nearby. The employees I spoke with mentioned that their daily quiche usually sells out before 11 a.m., and they feature not just BLTs, but several different sandwiches, weekly slider and salad specials, soups, and pies on Friday!

The market also features many local products, including Kai Pasta, Double D Ranch meats, Any Kine wontons, a nice selection of local chocolates, Mamane breads, several local seasoning blends, hot sauces, and coffees- and so much more! I was so happy to see so many small, local businesses represented on their shelves and in the refrigerator/freezer sections. I love it when local businesses find ways to support other local businesses. Added bonus- the products they carry are some of my favorite things to eat and cook with.

Next time you head to Honoka’a, be sure to stop in at the Honoka’a Country Market. They are so much more than just a small country store, and they are the perfect place to shop on your way to the Waipio Valley lookout (which is still open, and is a beautiful place to sit and eat a sandwich- just saying). Stop in and say “aloha” to the wonderful staff, and don’t forget to order the BLT. You won’t regret it.

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