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HMAA is Covering the Cost of COVID-19 Testing for Members

Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA) announced yesterday, March 12, 2020, that costs associated with physician-ordered COVID-19 diagnostic testing will be 100% covered for their members under HMAA’s medical plans when performed by an in-network provider. This is applicable state-wide and means HMAA members will not be responsible for copayments, coinsurance, or deductibles related to COVID-19 testing.

Clinical Labs of Hawaii and Diagnostic Laboratory Services can test specimen samples for COVID-19 that are collected by physicians at outpatient clinics, urgent care centers, hospitals, and private doctor’s offices. In addition, some hospitals may set up testing centers outside their facilities where physicians can test patients for COVID-19.

When making the announcement, HMAA’s Executive Chairman John Henry Felix said, “While medical experts are working diligently to identify effective treatment for COVID-19, we at HMAA want to assure our members and their `ohana that their health is our top priority.”

HMAA members who are unable to visit their regular doctor or want to avoid being exposed to other individuals may use HMAA’s free telemedicine service, HiDoc, for 24/7 access to a physician by phone or online. Details are available at hmaa.com/telemedicine.

Other services and doctor’s visits will be covered at the benefit level associated with the type of care received and the member’s health plan.

“COVID-19 immunizations will also be covered for our members when they become available,” Mr. Felix said. “HMAA will continue to vigilantly work on implementing necessary measures required to prevent and negate this health risk in our communities.”

To learn more, contact HMAA Customer Service at (808) 941-4622 or customerservice@hmaa.com.

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