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This App Is A Real Lifesaver! Get to know PulsePoint from HMCF

Especially in our busy world we all have that one app that’s a real lifesaver — but how many of them can actually save your life? Hilo Medical Center Foundation has generously funded the Big Island implementation of PulsePoint. This app helps save lives by connecting CPR certified individuals with people suffering from cardiac arrest. 

“We live on a Big Island with limited resources,” said Capt. Mike Lam, of the department’s EMS division. “On average it takes about 8 minutes for an ambulance to arrive on scene, depending on the location of the call.” In rural areas farther from EMS teams this average can be a lot higher. PulsePoint can make the difference in those situations by notifying trained responders within a quarter mile of a 911 call to the emergency and asking them to respond. 

The sooner CPR is started on a person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, the better their chances of survival. By notifying those trained to respond who are already nearby, this app is literally helping save lives. Users all around the island have already registered for the app, but emergency medical responders are trying to spread the news throughout our communities. Hawaii Fire Department is implementing programs to help get more people CPR certified on the Big Island by going out into the community and schools to inform and educate all ages on this vital skill. Everyone they train could register with the app and start saving lives in their own neighborhoods. 

Alongside PulsePoint is PulsePoint AED, a separate app that allows for businesses and organizations with an AED — automated external defibrillator — to register its location for use in an emergency. Both of these apps, provided by Hilo Medical Center Foundation’s generous funding of this program for the Big Island, can help save lives in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our communities. 

Download the apps here for Android:


Download here on Apple devices:


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