Big Island Association of Nurserymen’s Plant Sale

Twice a year, the Big Island Association of Nurserymen (“BIAN” hold a plant sale at Edith Kanaka’ole Stadium. This past weekend was the second of the two events for 2022. I heard about it on KAPA Radio, and having a slight plant addiction (I can stop buying at any time, I swear), I felt compelled to check it out. Plus, it may be the only time I can get into the stadium (hint, hint, Merrie Monarch tickets, please???). 

My first completely justified purchase was this beautiful green Calathea called “Green Ice.” Very unique, and although it looks similar to some of the other 15 or so gingers I’ve already planted, it’s not a ginger. I did buy two other gingers, though. I am told this guy should bloom in 4-5 months. I cannot wait!

So there was also this orchid guy. I am a total sucker for orchids. I buy them as they bloom, I neglect them, they stop blooming, I occasionally remember to water them, and sometimes they bloom again. Please do not tell the lady at Maku’u Farmer’s Market that the rare scented orchid she sold me 3 years ago has only re-bloomed twice. Shhhh. But I’m sure this amazing zipper orchid will fare much better because I put it in the middle of our dining table on the covered lanai. I also walked away from this plant sale with two of the cutest mini anthuriums, some chives, and a rainbow eucalyptus seedling.


Not only is this event a great opportunity to add beauty and diversity to your garden (there was also a section devoted to native plants), it is for a great purpose. BIAN pledged $15,000 to establish a scholarship endowment for students pursuing agriculture-related degrees at UH-Hilo. This contribution has been matched by a scholarship matching program at UH-Hilo, for a total scholarship pool of $30,000! Eligible students must be full time undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at the UH-Hilo College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Management (“CAFNRM”) who maintain a 3.5 GPA, and must be graduates of a high school within the State of Hawaii. Preference is given to graduates of Big Island high schools. So see, these purchases were really about my passion for serving the community!

If you missed out this past weekend, don’t worry, your next opportunity to go plant-mad, um, ‘support the scholarship program,’ will be February 24 & 25, 2023. Mark your calendars, map out your available planting spots, write up your list of must-have plants and flowers, and start saving those dollars so you can do good for the community and for your garden!

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