Living Hilo Style: Farm to Table Veggies, Tepache, and More!

Living Hilo Style focuses on fresh produce for their August recipes, with lots of garden to table dishes that include beautiful vegetables like zucchini, okra, eggplant, and shishito. There’s also a great drink recipe for pineapple soda (tepache), as well as some Japanese milk bread rolls that are perfect alongside most meals. Have fun in the kitchen, and don’t forget to tag @bigislandpulse and @livinghilostyle in your Instagram posts when you try these recipes out — we’d love to feature you in our stories! 

Banchan: Korean Chilled Zucchini

I love side dishes. This side dish goes well with lots of things. Not just Korean food. And I think its kind of healthy since it’s a vegetable. I found this on iheartumami’s site for Korean Chilled Zucchini Sides and thought it would be a great side for our bibim kook soo dinner… Read more of this LHS recipe HERE.

Garden to Table: Okra No. 2 (with Bitter Melon and Nira)

I found an okra recipe, simply called Okra No. 2 that I thought was simple enough for me. I modified the recipe a bit as I am prone to do but I have to say that I really liked it. It is basically a vegetable omelet. I heated some garlic in some oil and added salted bitter melon, sliced okra, and sliced garlic chives (nira) to the pan… Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Eggplant, Shishito, Long Beans, and Swiss Chard Stir Fry

Since my garden was producing some eggplants and shishito lately, the Spicy Eggplant and Shishito recipe I found in the Eating Well magazine caught my attention. I modified it a bit based on the veggies I had on hand… Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Banchan: Korean Eggplant Pupu

We had a bunch of eggplants from the Hilo Farmer’s Market and since we were having Korean food one night, I wanted to try making a Korean-style eggplant dish. I looked on the internet and found Maangchi’s recipe for Gaji Namul, an eggplant side dish. Like all the recipes, I like, this one is very simple… Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Lisa’s Japanese Milk Bread Rolls

I love learning about cooking techniques and cuisines from all over the world. One day I might crave an unctuous butter chicken with crispy-edged naan, and the next day I may feel like gazpacho. Almost every day, though, I dream about fresh bread…Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Don’t Throw Away the Pineapple Trash — Make Pineapple Soda (Tepache)

I signed up to take an AirBnB online class called Making Homemade Medicinal Sodas. According to the description, I’m learning how to make an immune-boosting, bubbly soda. I never heard of tepache before this class but that is what we were being taught… Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Want to read more content from our partner, Living Hilo Style? Check out Only in Hilo: OK Farms CSA Produce Box. Looking for more delicious dishes? Check out our Food section.

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