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Living Hilo Style: Find Out How Many Meals One Box and One Fish Can Make

August recipes on Living Hilo Style focused on fresh produce, with lots of garden to table dishes. In September, Anne Chung focused on making many meals out of a small amount of food, something that most of can appreciate these days. Between a produce box from Hawaii Eco Farm and a freshly-caught ahi from a neighbor, Anne was able to create nine different dishes (and those are just the ones that made it to the blog!). Throw in a recipe for 7-Layer Jell-O Shots, and a Rambutan & Calamansi Cocktail, and it was definitely a September to remember.

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Freshly Caught Ahi Turned Into Ahi Five Ways for Dinner!

My neighbor shared a chunk of freshly caught ahi with us. Ooh! We made all kinds of things with it. My daughter wanted to make poke so I let her do that. She made a shoyu ahi poke and a spicy ahi poke. I had some freshly harvested okra so I made a natto cocktail with it.  Read more of this LHS recipe HERE.

Braised Turnips with Swiss Chard Thanks to Hawaii Eco Farm Box

I loved my Hawaii Eco farm box so much. This week there was a turnip and a bunch of Swiss chard both grown by OK Farms along with a recipe for braised turnips with Swiss chard greens. I tried the recipe and love it. I found this recipe online on Cooking Light that looks very similar to the one Hawaii Eco shared with me…. Read more of this LHS recipe HERE.

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Hawaii Eco Salad

I recently got a huge box of veggies from Hawaii-Eco with a beautiful head of organic Kamuela lettuce from Ano’ano Farms. I wanted to eat it the day I got it because it looked so fresh. I paired it with a large and firm red tomato from Kawamata Farms and added some croutons and shredded Parmesan cheese on it… Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Hawaii Eco Bok Choy and Kimchi Fried Noodles

I received some beautiful baby bok choy grown by Hamakua Forest Farms in my Hawaii Eco farm box. I have been trying to cook up thing s that I have in my kitchen/pantry and I have been craving noodles as I always do. I love noodles. I got a pack of Sapporo Ichiban from the pantry and boiled it without the seasoning… Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Hawaii Eco Papaya and Mixed Fruit Crisp

I had a beautiful papaya in my Hawaii Eco farm box that was grown at the Johnson Family Farm. My daughter and I enjoy eating fresh chilled ripe papaya with some lime juice squeezed on it but I wanted to try something different today. I found a recipe online called Kumu Farms’ Papaya Fruit Crisp Recipe and decided to try it. It looked pretty simple which is just my style…Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

Rambutan & Calamansi Cocktail

a bottle of Tito's, calamansi limes, and rambutan for a Living Hilo Style cocktail

I got some beautiful rambutan grown at OK Farms in my Hawaii Eco box and fresh calamansi lime from my pal Kerri. I have been squeezing calamansi lime juice into my water everyday to keep me hydrated and focused while I work from home…Read more of this LHS recipe HERE

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