Board Certified Pediatrician turned Gospel Singer/Songwriter – Meet Shallon Toré

By day, Dr. Shallon Craddock MD, MPH, FAAP is a board certified pediatrician treating children at the practice she opened in downtown Hilo, Sunshine Pediatric Clinic. But in the evenings and weekends, she’s Shallon Toré, a gifted vocalist and songwriter using her talents to spread her love of Christian music – and she’s got a brand new album coming out!


After years of singing in choirs and writing her own songs, she decided to take the ultimate leap and go professional by recording a full album with Grammy award-winning music producer Phillip Scott, who has worked with R&B singers like Frank Ocean.

Her big release includes a beautifully captured music videos with glorious scenes from around the island shot by local pastor and videographer Binil Chacko. The debut song, entitled Reveal Yourself to Me is a revelation to listen to, complete with driving vocals and blissful harmonies (Shallon also sings her own backup music).

Shallon Toré launched her music career by starring in a benefit concert for the Ohana Pregnancy Center of East Hawaii back in September. She sang classic covers, but also introduced an original song entitled Fortified. Check out the Legacy of Life concert here by clicking on this link!

Although her foray into music is just beginning, Shallon Toré has big plans to produce even more songs and get her music out to an even larger audience. Balancing the workload of a full-time pediatrician and singer can’t be easy, but Shallon remains undaunted.

Her next big gig is going to be right here on the east side at Imiloa Astronomy Center; another benefit concert for Ohana Pregnancy Center of East Hawaii – but this time she’s going to reveal some of her unreleased songs in addition to the Christmastime classics.

So keep an eye on this gospel star on the rise – and stay tuned for an exclusive interview with our very own KT Sunshine coming soon!

You can preorder her song on itunes or visit her website for more information.

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