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Dimple Cheek Cafe & Local Market, Mountain View’s Dining Gem

Dimple Cheek Cafe

After driving by and thinking, “I should stop there,” for the past two years, I finally made it to Dimple Cheek Cafe & Local Market last week for a business lunch. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew they had a farmer’s market attached, and I knew they sold my friend Michelle’s Any Kine Wontons.  


Open-Air Lanai and Big Menu

I sat down on the open-air lanai and started looking over the menu. For some reason, I had assumed it would be more of a vegetarian restaurant, and boy was I wrong, which was a problem. The problem was I had a difficult time deciding what to eat- everything sounded so good! I wanted the chicken wings, the fried cheese, the onion rings, the Hurricane fries, and the ahi “crustini”- to begin. However, due to my current condition of momona-ness (curse you, COVID!), I decided on the Hurricane fries to share with the table. What a good choice- the wasabi aioli and the unagi sauce were a perfect combination on the crispy fries. They reminded me a little of a cheese-less poutine, you know, the kind of fries that you know are going to be messy and delicious and make you “have” to lick your fingers. Yup, they were all that, with a sprinkle of furikake and green onion.

Dimple Cheek Menu
Hurricane Fries

Ono Instead of Ahi? Oh, No Problem!

For my entree, I ordered their fish club sandwich. They had sold out of ahi but had ono, which was perfectly fine with me. Bacon and fresh avocado? Yes, please. Side of onion rings? Again, yes. I was so excited to see it on toasted bread that I may have let out the tiniest squeal. The ono was cooked and seasoned very well, the avocado was just ripe, the tomato was juicy and not watery, and well, the bacon was everything we all love about bacon. After lunch I checked out the farmer’s market and bought 4 beautiful avocados and a huge bag of raw macadamia nuts for baking. 

Dimple Cheek Cafe
Dimple Cheek Local Market

Dimple Cheek Cafe- who knew? Oh yeah, everyone but me, but now I know. 

Check them out!  Here’s their socials for the up to date menu options and specials:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimplecheekfarm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialdimplecheek

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