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The Awapuhi Labyrinth | Walking Meditation

Next time you find yourself near Hawai’ian Paradise Park aka HPP, do yourself a favor and take some time to walk the Awapuhi Labyrinth. Found here: 

You may even live in the neighborhood and not know this place exists, but you will be so glad you visited and took some mindful time for yourself. The Awapuhi (Hawai’ian word for ginger plant) Labyrinth was built in 1999 by Christie and John Wolf. It is a double-sized replica of the 13th century design at the Chartres Cathedral in France.

Labyrinth walking is an ancient, moving meditation which allows you to quiet your mind while focusing on a spiritual question or prayer. Maybe you seek guidance with a difficult situation or maybe you are simply seeking a deeper understanding of your own nature. Whatever the reason for your visit, here are some benefits of a labyrinth walk as well as suggestions for how to make your time here more meaningful. Don’t forget, its ultimately up to you to create your experience.

What is it about Labyrinth walking that is so healing?

The benefits of walking a labyrinth are physical, mental and can be emotional or spiritual as well. To start with, walk with slow and deliberate steps and begin to take deeper, slow breaths. As you take in the beauty around you, you may notice that your heart rate slows and your blood pressure lowers. Then, your body begins to relax and the mind-space quiets. This is the time to bring your spiritual question to mind and focus, noticing any thoughts that come and go. Letting them pass without attachment, as clouds blow by.

When you reach the center, take a few minutes to pause and reflect. You may want to take a seat and gaze into the reflecting ball if it feels good to you. Notice any differences in the mind-body before beginning your path back to the beginning.

As you leave the center of the labyrinth, keep your slow steps matched to your slow, rhythmic breathing and find gratitude in your experience as you continue to contemplate your question. As you exit the labyrinth, give yourself some time to integrate the experience. Perhaps you just think about it or if you’ve had a more profound journey, maybe you journal a bit about your time walking the labyrinth.

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